Louisa Killpack, Psychotherapist, Isle of WightMy name is Louisa Killpack. In my Isle of Wight psychotherapy practice, I offer individuals and couples the opportunity to engage in an in-depth therapeutic consultation. For those who wish to undertake ongoing therapy, I provide short term, medium term and long term psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

An initial consultation provides you with an hour and a half meeting in which you can stop and take stock of your emotional life. I offer a private, confidential and non-judgemental setting in which you can speak freely about whatever is concerning you. You may wish to talk about your feelings, relationships, particular experiences or memories, your thoughts, dilemmas or conflicts, fantasies or dreams which puzzle or interest you; in fact, anything which is important to you.

Together we will explore what might be troubling you, and I will help you make sense of your experiences. The process is one of curiosity, respect, and kindness. Putting your thoughts and feelings into words and talking them through with someone who listens attentively, and wishes to understand you and help you, can be a relief in itself.

I am a well-qualified and highly experienced psychoanalytic psychotherapist, which means I am trained to work not just with your conscious thoughts and feelings, but also with mental processes that are unconscious. A therapist working in this way can help you see things about yourself which you may not be aware of, and which may be preventing you from living your life in the way that you wish. The process helps you get to the root of your problems and consider how you might helpfully deal with them.

Sharing your problems means you won’t feel so alone with them. Things that feel confusing, upsetting, or out of your control can feel less overwhelming and more manageable as you talk about them. You will begin to make sense of how you feel and understand yourself more clearly, and identify possible areas that you might want to change.

It can be a big step to seek help. You can contact me in confidence, by telephone or email, and I will answer any questions you may have, and if you wish, we can arrange to meet. An initial consultation is usually an interesting and enlightening experience, as well as a helpful one.