Choosing a therapist

The key to successful therapy is finding the right therapist for you.

This can be difficult and confusing if you have no previous experience of counselling or therapy. However good a therapist is, it is the relationship between you that determines whether you can trust them, and whether the therapy will work. Research shows that it is the strength of the relationship between you and your therapist that is the best indicator of a good outcome, even more so than the therapeutic approach being worked with.

It is important to meet the therapist you are considering for an initial consultation, to discuss what you are looking for from therapy, and to help you work out whether they are the right therapist for you. Personal recommendation can help, but only you can decide who is best for you. You are welcome to ask questions before making your mind up. You might wish to have an initial consultation with more than one therapist before you decide who to go to for therapy.

Some helpful questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are they properly qualified and experienced?
  • Could I be completely open with them?
  • Would I feel comfortable telling them intimate details of my life?
  • Do I feel comfortable with their manner towards me?
  • Could I talk to them if I was unhappy about something in the therapy?
  • Do I feel safe with them?