How long does therapy take

How long does psychotherapy take?

The decision about how long you remain in therapy is up to you. There is no time limit on psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Each person’s situation is unique.

An initial consultation can in itself provide a valuable opportunity for reflection, to gain some new insights into your emotional life, and identify possible areas for future change.

Many people find that a short period of psychotherapy can make a real difference to the way they feel, by gaining new perspectives on an old problem, or resolving a specific issue.

Others find it useful to continue treatment for longer, even for several years. If problems have developed over many years, it is likely to take time to make changes that are enduring.

Sessions are usually once a week, but can be more if needed. The frequency of sessions and length of treatment will vary depending on your needs, preferences, and what you can afford.

Longer term psychoanalytic psychotherapy is best thought of as an investment which can be expensive in terms of time, emotional energy and money. It requires commitment from both you and your psychotherapist. However, in return for this investment, psychoanalytic psychotherapy can bring about profound changes in the most important areas of your life.