IOW Psychotherapy fees

The cost for an hour and a half initial consultation is £90 for individuals, and £110 for couples.

For further regular therapy sessions, which are 50 minutes for individuals and an hour for couples, fees are £55 per session for individuals and £73 for couples. I have a limited number of low fee places at £32 a session, for those who could not otherwise afford therapy.

I provide an invoice at the end of each month and review fees each April. If your circumstances change, and you are worried about affording therapy, we can discuss how we might be able to manage this, including reviewing what you pay.

Please note that missed or cancelled sessions are charged for, although longer term absences can be negotiated.

Some people decide that it is worth working extra hours, or taking on an extra job in order to fund their psychotherapy, as it can be an expensive undertaking, especially if you are on a low income. One way of thinking about the cost is as an investment in yourself and your future.